I Will Respond To Diamond’s Insults At Comedy Express-DKB

by on May 1, 2016

Actress/Musician turned politician, Diamond Appiah, threw a jab at Ghana’s undisputed King of Comedy Derrick Kobina Bonney popular known as DKB for mocking head pastor of The International God’s Way Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim.

During the Pure Comedy event held in Kumasi, Ashanti Region last two weeks, DKB said he found it interesting that the Bishop would want to turn into an animal among other things, and that the Bishop should not dare turn into animals like Guinea Fowl, Dog and cat in the regions; Northern, Ashanti and Volta respectively, otherwise, he would be used as a feast.

Diamond who has been responding to personalities who pick on the Bishop took to Instagram to express her displeasure.

If you didn’t see the post, well here it is:

DKB or wotever u call yourself, if u have to fool n crack jokes for ppl to laugh before u get your daily bread when your fellow Responsible Men like Osei Kwame Despite are creating jobs with their multiple media houses, financial institutions and beverage companies etc in the same society then I rest my case.. real responsible men don’t crack jokes for a living !! Get a real job n get a life. Bishop Obinim is not ur Co equal in life n can never be even in your next life. If u want content for ur unfunny jokes. Start from your family and how your mother had to have a cesarean bcos ur head was too big n cldnt push u out like any normal baby! Rotfl



The comedian hasn’t taken the comments she made lightly at all, and he says he would respond to the insults thrown at him this coming Friday at Comedy Express.

The Comedy Express is a monthly comedy event held at the Casamora Hotel(Trasacco Road Adjringanor). Come and have the experience of your life and also listen to the reply of DKB to Diamond.

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