by on January 14, 2014


The new term popularly with Ghanaians now is Tonga. You can sympathize with the proverbial Ghanaian, his diffidence in saying the meaning of Tonga. Tonga to the hard boiled means the lower animal function of sex; and to the shrinking violet is a set of sovereign state and archipelago comprising 176 islands.


Ghana film industry with it notorious troubles is very flux in meeting the nation’s changing demands, from election movies-The Pledge (2012); Presidential debate – Ayari Cough (2012) to election petition, Supreme Court (2013); down to load shedding,  Electricity Power (2013). Tonga films are the next line of movies that you should be expecting from the Ghana film industry.


Oberima Sidney was leading in given new terms to Ghanaian, Apuskeleke, Scenti no!, Our moni-oga dey chop am. The baton had been handed over to Guru. Alkaeda dance from Guru gripped the imagination of the nation. Guru’s next track Boys Abre is making the waves. A movie to that effect has been made Boys Abre (2014); is the hottest selling movie now.


Word of caution, no one should mention Tonga films to Socrate Safo. Do you remember Hot Fork (2011?). It appears he is the right man for the job to break the ice on Tonga films, pardon me for the discursiveness- time up, am sneaking out.




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