‘Six Feet of Space’ A film set in The 70’s to be Released in March

by on December 20, 2015

Messiah Entertainment, in partnership with Black Theatre Productions are working together to release ‘ Six Feet of Space ’, a film which captures the authentic Ghanaian culture and dated back to the 70’s.

The film ‘Six Feet of Space’ is based on the aliens’ expulsion order in 1970, where non-Ghanaians without residence permits were asked to leave the country. Although the story is based on the alien situation, the film is however, a complete fiction about Baba Olunde a Nigerian national who had been living in Ghana for over forty years, having settled here with his parents ‘when just a boy’.

Baba Olunde had worked hard to acquire wealth in Ghana and was married to a Ghanaian with whom they had three children. He barely remembers Nigeria only to wake up one morning to face the hard-to-believe realities of life.

What will he do to survive the aliens’ expulsion order? ‘Six feet of Space’ is a story that intends to address the effects of artificial boundaries set by man to push his fellow man out of the way, whilst in the end, we are all entitled to only six feet of space.

The film is written by Mr. Dwomoh Doyen (Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Messiah Entertainment) and adapted from a stage play by Duwonu Normanyo (of blessed memory). ‘Six feet of Space’ will be premiered in March 2016. Mr. Dwomoh Doyen, was an associate producer in the movie ‘THE PLEDGE, and a co-producer in ‘Never Say Never’, featuring Dance Hall Artist, Shata Wale, amongst others.

According to Mr. Benjamin Dwomoh -Doyen, the movie tells the story of Ghana’s rich Cultural Heritage, “just like Hollywood sells America to the other parts of the world”.

The filmmakers objective is to is to sell the indigenous value of this country to the rest of the world whiles fully entertaining the audience through ‘Six feet of Space’.

“We can let our movies speak for our country, we must let our films tell our story and sell our rich culture and heritage, but the film industry in Ghana is not producing any content that can compete with those from around the world; it is in this light that Messiah entertainment is partnering with the right stakeholders who can help to change the terrain of content production in Ghana.”
six feet of space

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