Nii Odoi Mensah In His Honour And Memory, Reminiscing

by on May 27, 2016


The news headline government to absorb the cost of transporting home the mortal remains of Nii Odoi Mensah brought me close to tears. The reason was simple I recollect vividly my encounter with him when he was then President of Actors Guild.


In the early days of GhanaFilmIndustry.com I had a meeting with him to discuss the challenges faced by the Actors Guild. The aim and object of GhanaFilmIndustry.com  and how we intend to liaise   with the Actors Guild.

It was my first meeting with him and the way he received and attended to me made me to have so much respect for him.  He gives you time for a meeting and you arrive and he is there.

However, there are some film production houses and some film makers in Ghana just make an attempt to pick a meeting with them and a year will come and pass and you are still dealing with their receptionist or a gatekeeper. 

Some actors and actresses will politely tell you to deal with their manager, who by the way is just a personal friend to them and deliberately done to keep you away from the celebrity.

In my meeting with Mr Odoi every bit of information I requested from him was handed to me. I can foretell many people have had such wonderful reception from him and I may not be an exception.

Mr Odoi will give you all the time you need and listen to your concerns. He could have easily told me   to deal with his Secretary but instead he wasn’t that type.

In my meetings with him he requested of me an assignment, I was caught up in other activities by the time I returned to the Actors Guild office he was no longer the President. It was the turn of Rev. Eddie Coffie.

Now Nii Odoi Mensah has been called by his Maker, my impression of him was my first meeting with him.  And I believed all celebrities must take a lesson on how they receive and treat people.

In signing out I share with you a quote we were made to memorize in Class 6, peace, bye bye.

I shall pass through this way but once

Any good thing that I can do or any kindness that I could show to any human being

Let me do it now

Let me not neglect it nor defer it

For I shall not pass through this way again


Sleep well uncle, so long.


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