amakye and dede

Movie Review: Amakye and Dede

As the saying goes, "Funny is money." The person who can write funny has a definite edge over the person who finds it difficult. So if your sense of humor is low, what can you do about it? …GO AND WATCH AMAKYE and DEDE. The excitement you get as soon as the movie starts is […]


The world has seen Action Thriller Movies such as the Bourne Franchise, the James Bond Franchise, Die Hard Franchise…etc. Well, the Movie "Interception" has joined them. The Acton Thriller Blockbuster movie started off on a very interesting note. The beginning of the movie would get your attention irrespective of what your are doing, that is what […]

Nana Means King

Nana Means King, Starring Prince David Osei Premiers On November 14th

Griot Pictures Ltd has finally announced the premier date for the much anticipated film NANA MEANS KING. The film will be premiered on the 14th November 2015 at the Silverbird Cinema, West Hills Mall, Weija, Accra on November 14. As an entertainment leader in movie production in London and now Ghana, cutting edge enhancement is here finally to give […]

Mad Max Fury Road- My thoughts and insights

You should see this awesome film, Mad Max: Fury Road. The setting for the film is like no other you’ve ever seen. The guys on fury road rock more than Heavy Metals. Check out the guy playing the flamethrower guitar. Before you watch this film if not at Silver Bird but home, make sure the […]

4 Films That Made Headlines

30 DAYS IN ATLANTA 30 Days in Atlanta was premiered in Ghana on January 30. Of this film it has been said; seven weeks after it premiered on October 31st in Lagos Nigeria, the film grossed 76million Nigerian naira and by January 7, 2015 it has grossed 127 million Nigeria naira. Credence, the source of […]

11 quotes from the film “Equalizer” starring Denzel Washington

The film opens with a quote from the American author and humorist Mark Twain; “The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day that you will find out why.” The theme of the film is on ensuring justice within society, action thriller. CAUTION: strong language You got […]


The life of the Prince (Elikem Kumodzi) was thrown out of balance when on his birthday two women simultaneously introduce to him as his future wife. Amid this chaos and confusion the Prince set to the city for an adventure and to acquire more insight on how to govern well should he be king someday […]


  Banku and Lil Wyne go to school (2014) is a film on the subject of labyrinth of relationships. Banku and Lil Wyne were two buddies who frequently absented themselves from school, they chose to sit under mango tree gamble and while away the time. Banku was in love with a girl who didn’t love […]


  Homesman (2014) directed by Tommy Lee Jones partly contributing to the writing.  Miss Mary Bee Cuddy played by Hilary Shwank- Homesman is my first movie am seeing of her.   Mary Bee or Miss Cuddy as she is often called in the film was to escort three mentally unstable women from Nebraska and Iowa. […]