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by on August 26, 2016


Bibi Bright in an interview with Delay remarked that Adam and Eve are God’s creation.  Human beings are born so they are manufactured goods. And concerning the physically challenged she said;

“When someone is a disabled, it’s never God’s creation; it’s the mother who gave birth to such person and not God.”

Nina Efedi Okoroafor, Visually impaired student, University of Ghana saddened by her comment replied.

The response seems to have hit Bibi in the nerves. She came out with fire power, exhorting Nina to query her mother what concoction she took when she conceived.

Lost in Her Glory was a film produced by Bibi Bright starring John Dumelo, Bibi Bright, Jasmine Baurodi, David Osei and Kalsum Sinare. The plot centered on a woman of the world who found Christ and gave up her bad ways. Such values naturally you expect to find in Bibi as the producer of that movie, but alas!

As I contemplate on Bibi’s sayings, her movie and repartee from the blind girl, the sayings of Charles Wagner in True Source came to mind. And I share that with you as I sign out the Sharparrows way.


Your religion is good if it is vital and active

If it nourishes you with confidence, hope, love and a sentiment of infinite values of existence

Allied with what is good as against what is worst

And holds forever before you the necessity of becoming a new man

If it makes you understand that pain is a deliverer

And increase your respect for the conscience of others

And renders forgiveness more easy

Duty dear, fortune less arrogance and beyond less visionary

If it does these things, then it is good. Little matter it name

However rudimentary it maybe if it fills this office, then it comes from true source it binds you to man and to God


Need I say more? Sharparrows waving bye bye.






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